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Why You Should Go to Singapore

So I was going to try and do Singapore as one long last post of our travels. But since seeing how many photos we have and just how much we did...that's going to be impossible. Our short trip was filled up with 3 main things:
1) Random Exploring
2) The Singapore Zoo (kinda twice but we'll get into that)
3) Gardens by the Bay
...we also ended up seeing Dunkirk at the IMAX while we were there, which was awesome but not awesome enough to earn it's own blogpost

I 'm going to have to take a moment here to appreciate Singapore airport because oh my god it is the best place in the world. We didn't even use it to it's full potential, and it's still the best place in the world. In Changi airport you can go on a nature trail through sunflower, cactus, orchid and butterfly gardens. If that's not your style, you can visit the cinema or entertainment areas with games consoles or the SWIMMING POOL or the SLIDE. Not to mention all the stuff you find in other boring ai…