A Tribute to England

Three lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
Thirty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming

This is one of those random, emotional, thrown together posts but I really need to write it. I am so damn proud of England and how far we've come in this World Cup. Who'd have thought it after all those years of hurt, that we've had so much hope and pride again for our team.

I don't know why it's been looked upon so negatively to be proud of England, to be proud to be English, to wave the St George's flag, but I am. So many people tried to bring us down, the whole world was against us but this team lifted our spirits. Apart from the Royal Wedding (Wills and Kate) and the Olympics, we as a country have never really shown that much national pride for as long as I've known, but this World Cup has made me experience more than I ever have in my life. I think more than a lot of us have in all our lives. 

We may have lost a game tonight, and yeah it was a pretty sh*t game too. But we made HISTORY this year! We actually won a penalty shoot out people! Yes you heard that right, England won on penalties! We made it to the SEMI FINALES for the first time in 28 years! 

So if you're a person complaining about having to hear "Football's Coming Home" too much and how annoying England fans are I really think you should pipe down. Because we're also the England fans that kept Luzhniki stadium filled after we'd lost and sang our hearts out to "Don't Look Back In Anger" to bring our boys back out onto the pitch, and the fans clinging onto our flags and shedding a tear at home (or if you're me, furiously rubbing a lucky penny). 

Don't be rude or uncalled for, it's only a football game. Definitely not something to offend friends over or turn all hate onto one country.

So thank you Gareth Southgate for being a bloody lovely bloke and always looking dapper, thank you to the team for working so damn hard and always playing a good game, thank you to the fans to went to Russia to cheer on our boys, and thank you to everyone back at home for embracing the national pride and chanting "It's Coming Home" anywhere and everywhere...and thank you for all the memes.

You've brought hope, pride and happiness home for the first time in forever and for that I thank you endlessly. As for the football itself, it's still coming home, it's just taking the scenic route back, which is always the best way.

Lon x

Also if the Queen could please knight Jordan Pickford that would be perfect 


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