Saving Turtles in Bali

Ahhhh Bali, the luxury destination everyone is desperate to go to and we got to actually do it. Well, not in a luxury way as such for us backpackers but it was still amazing.

Going to Bali after being in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia for over 2 and a half months was very strange. There are western shops and restaurants everywhere. Walking past Jamie’s Italian and Hard Rock Cafe everyday in Kuta left us having to remind ourselves we were actually in Indonesia.

Landing in Bali was stressful, very stressful. You will get stampeded by a herd of taxi drivers asking “where you from?, where you go?”, and don’t dare try and tell them you have organised an Uber. We were literally followed out of the airport by about 10 people and it got a little intimidating. You’re not safe outside of the building either, ooooh no, they are all just sitting around waiting for their prey, lost looking white teenagers with a big ol’ backpack. We met our Uber driver halfway up a multi-storey car pack so the…

New Year, New Blogger?!?!

What's that sorry?You forgot I existed?...well I guess I can't really blame you there

Hey everyone, yes I know it's been a while but what can I say? I am a busy girl BUT this year mama is gonna turn it around! That's right, a post a week people. I love this little blog and I would love to see it grow this year. I've got some big things planned and I can't wait to get started. Before we get into what's to come this year this year though, we've got to take a look back at 2017.

I'm just going to come out and say it, 2017 may be the best year of my life. I had the chance to do so many amazing things and have so many incredible experiences that I may not ever have again and I am so so grateful for them. Not to mention being extremely proud of myself for working hard and allowing a lot of them to happen.

If you've been reading my blog, or follow any of my social media at all, then it's obvious to you that this year I took a gap year and went trav…

Your Guide to the Full Moon Party

So you've seen all mad instagrams of girls dressed in neon clothing with floral body paint all over them, or people jumping through a ring of fire on the beach, or the one I've included at the top of the post, and you've thought "damn, I want to go to the Full Moon Party". Well then this one is for you. Just like any night out, the Full Moon Party can be either absolutely awesome or absolutely dreadful and that all depends on doing your research.

With this simple guide, you can ensure your safety and enjoyment at the Full Moon Party (well, as much as you can ensure anything in Thailand).

1. Book your accommodation early! The Full Moon Party takes place every month in a variety of places in South Thailand. It originated in Haad Rin on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, making this home to the biggest of all the celebrations, meaning it gets booked up QUICKLY. Try to stay as close to Haad Rin as possible in order to avoid complications when you decide to leave. We stayed…

Thai Islands: Koh Samui

Oh my goodness it's been so long! I've had such a blogging dry spell because of Uni work, it's ridiculous. I've missed blogging so much and although I should probably be reading right now, I would much rather pretend I was back in Thailand ;)

From Koh Phi Phi, we got a ferry to to Krabi, where we had to stay for the night and get a bus and ferry to Koh Samui the next day. The main thing to remember in Thailand is that EVERYONE is a salesman, we made the mistake of telling our taxi driver we didn't have ferry tickets for the next day, so he was on it straight away and we didn't really have time to look around for prices. Literally everything you do, somebody will try to sell you something. As soon as we arrived in Phuket, our bus to the hotel actually took us to a tourist information centre where they tried to sell us all sorts of day trips and awful elephant shows. My main tip is to have an idea of what you are doing beforehand so you don't get dragged in,…

Thai Islands: Phuket & Koh Phi Phi

So I've got ridiculous travelling blues right now. I've been at Uni for just over a week now, and all I can think about is how much I want to be back on the beaches of Thailand, which sucks. It's probably a bit cruel to make myself write about it while I'm feeling so low, but I was looking at the pictures anyway so lets do it.

From Siem Reap we flew to Phuket, the largest of the Thai islands. My excitement to finally be reaching the Thai islands was off the scale, I was hyped and I had good reason to be, look at that birds eye view!

We managed to find a huge room in a strange English/Russian pub thing, it was a bit weird but it was £8 a night and I was not complaining. We were a 10 minute walk from the beach and in the centre of town, so we did good. Phuket was very strange for me, mainly due to the large amount of Russian tourists. You hear Russian being spoken in the streets more than Thai or English, there are Russian signs everywhere, and Thai restaurant staff even s…

The Start of Something New: University

I just wanted to write a little life update as it's been a while since I have posted or been very interactive at all. So here goes.

I moved into University 3 days ago and at the start I was extremely excited. My family dropped me off and helped me with my room before we headed out to do a food shop. I really loved how they stayed for so long and helped me out. None of my flat mates were around at that time, but I met most of them that evening and the next morning. I was feeling great the first day, all ready to start university life... and then I just wasn't.

For some reason, the second night got to me, like really got to me. I think the fact that my boyfriend moved into his uni that day really just confirmed everything in my mind. That this is it, this is where we are going to be now for the next 3 years, this is what we are going to do and that freaked me out.

My family are doing up our house while I am here, which means when I visit back home, my room won't be my room …

Siem Reap and Angkor 'Waaaaat'

Most people visit Siem Reap with the intention of going to Angkor Wat, and we were the same. Siem Reap was a really cool city, but with all the adventuring around Angkor Wat, we took things pretty chill there. We really enjoyed the night market, where we were able to barter for our souvenirs and eat rolled Asian ice cream from one of the million stalls that were selling it. We also enjoyed some of the modern cafes such as Fresh Fruit Factory (best smoothie bowl in the world, seriously) and The Missing Socks Laundry Cafe, where you do your laundry while eating their famous waffle burger. We decided against going to The Bug Cafe though, crickets aren't really my kind of cuisine.

We stayed in a really good hostel with it's own restaurant and bar. It felt like more of a hotel than a hostel, those are by far the best kind ;). The only problem we had was an incident with an unwanted cockroach at 4am, which had landed on us while we were in bed...there was a lot of screaming, we pro…