The Amazing Eden Project

I've now been to the incredible Eden Project twice, and I can't believe I haven't written about it yet! It's probably one of my favourite places in the world and trust me when I say you NEED to go!

The Eden Project started building in 1998 and was opened to the public in 2001 with two biomes, the Core was later opened in 2005. The Tropical biome houses tropical plants such as bananas, coffee, rubber and has the climate of a rainforest. The Mediterranean biome houses arid plants in a warm temperature such as olives, lemons, eggplants, tomatoes, cacti etc. The huge outdoor gardens showcase plants from all different parts of the world, including local UK species. Lastly, the Core has art installations and is an education facility. There are many art sculptures situated both in the biomes and around the gardens also, including a giant bee, all made from recycled material.
The Outdoor Gardens 

The Mediterranean Biome

Green Heart Cafe - Vegan Cornwall

Back in June, my boyfriend and I spent a week in Cornwall, during which, we visited the Green Heart Cafe in Newquay. This veggie cafe has so many vegan options I was OVER THE MOON, it's not easy to find much vegan food in Cornwall and this is some of the best I've ever had.

I didn't realise before going in, but this cafe prides itself with the art it has for sale. Gorgeous, unique artwork fills the walls, hence the name Green HeART Cafe.

I went for the 'meatball' sub, which was delicious and smothered in cheese, as you can see. It came with a little side salad and huge potato wedges. Yep, I caught him in the act, that's my boyfriend trying to steal one of my wedges even though he had this delicious looking curry in front of him. I wasn't surprised.

The specials board in the cafe said there was only 1 vegan pasty left and being in Cornwall, I just couldn't resist. Boy am I glad I ordered that pasty. I've only been vegan for a year of my life and I…

Life After Exams, What Now?

Personally, I like to try and forget college and A levels. Which works most of time, unless I meet up with an old friend or randomly remember something with my boyfriend...or A level results day comes around.

Every year social media is FLOODED with results day and for someone who was pretty devastated with their results, it sucks to be reminded. I felt awful about my results, they were not what I expected at all. I'm not great with exams, I get super super nervous and revise a crazy amount until my mental health has all but deteriorated.

It seems that no matter how hard I revise I can't get the grades I think I deserve, the system just isn't made for people like me. It made me feel so bad about myself for ages, but actually, when I step back and look at it, most of my friends were very upset about their results too. Lots of them had no idea where their life would take them and were rushed into decisions of clearing or deciding Uni just wasn't going to be for them. I a…

Small Ways to Save the Planet - Eco Friendly Shopping

The planet is what I am truly passionate about and for just over a year now I have been trying to find new ways to lead a more sustainable life. This is something I believe we all need to do and the good news is, it's super easy to make small changes to do so!

Firstly, we have to get the obvious out of the way...GET RID OF THOSE PLASTIC BAGS. You have to be using tote bags and other kind of reusables by now, or at least reusing your plastic bags! Never go to shop empty handed, take a bag with you!

Also, if you're buying loose fruit, stop picking up those pointless little plastic bags to put them in, there's really no need. Seriously, how do they offer any more protecting to your fruit and veg? They don't. I just chuck it in the basket as it is, but if you really want to cover them, get yourself some mesh bags like these

Right, now on to the juicy fashion
Recent studies have found that the textile industry is responsible for the release of more greenhouse …

Small Ways to Save the Planet - Watching TV

Huuh???? I can save the planet by watching TV? Well, there is a little bit more to it than that but essentially, hell yeah! That's how my passionate for sustainability started, I've always loved documentaries, especially ones about the environment and food, and they are the key factor in what drove me to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Everybody should watch more documentaries! They are so fascinating and educational. I try to watch one a month and since having a Netflix subscription that has become far easier. These are my top picks for environmentally educational films and documentaries that you guys should be watching, in no particular order:

1. Cowspiracy

I watched this documentary before I had any desire to change my eating habits but wow, it is something you seriously can't ignore. This environmental documentary delves into the most destructive industry facing our planet today, animal agriculture, and shows us why the biggest environmental organisations aren'…