My (Failed) Giant Panda Experience at Singapore Zoo

We had known for a little while that for our first proper day in Singapore was going to be spent at the zoo and we were both really excited when that day came around, well, I was probably just a tad more excited ;). This was because I had found out the zoo had Giant Pandas, which are my all time favourite animal and I've always dreamed of seeing one. It is obviously a more expensive day out than the usual traveller budget, but it is without a doubt the best zoo I've ever been to.

I don't usually agree with the concept of zoos, I think an animal should only be kept in captivity if it is unable to survive in the wild. Trust me when I say I have experience with bad zoos, aka animal prisons *cough* Moscow zoo *cough*, that have left me in tears due to such poor animal welfare. So when I say good zoo, I don't use the term lightly. However, I will say I am very against the Elephant show put on at Singapore Zoo, we were told by multiple people not to miss it and how amazing …

Why You Should Go to Singapore

So I was going to try and do Singapore as one long last post of our travels. But since seeing how many photos we have and just how much we did...that's going to be impossible. Our short trip was filled up with 3 main things:
1) Random Exploring
2) The Singapore Zoo (kinda twice but we'll get into that)
3) Gardens by the Bay
...we also ended up seeing Dunkirk at the IMAX while we were there, which was awesome but not awesome enough to earn it's own blogpost

I 'm going to have to take a moment here to appreciate Singapore airport because oh my god it is the best place in the world. We didn't even use it to it's full potential, and it's still the best place in the world. In Changi airport you can go on a nature trail through sunflower, cactus, orchid and butterfly gardens. If that's not your style, you can visit the cinema or entertainment areas with games consoles or the SWIMMING POOL or the SLIDE. Not to mention all the stuff you find in other boring ai…

Monkeying Around in Bali

After our visit to Kuta, we headed to the inland area of Ubud, which had a much different vibe.  This town is made up of very old buildings and temples and all looks very sacred, until of course you walk past the random Pandora or designer clothes shop. If you're lucky, you can see people flying unbelievably high kites in little park areas, which can be seen for miles. Ubud can be seen as a pretty 'hipster' area with lots of funky coffee shops and vegan cafes, we had some absolutely amazing food during our stay. Bali may have been my favourite location for food during our whole trip looking back on it.

The two most amazing things we did in Ubud were definitely visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and going on our own little jungle trek.

The Monkey forest is exactly as it sounds, a conservation area of forest and temples home to hundreds of monkeys. One of the really interesting things about this sanctuary is you can see which territory the different groups of monke…

Saving Turtles in Bali

Ahhhh Bali, the luxury destination everyone is desperate to go to and we got to actually do it. Well, not in a luxury way as such for us backpackers but it was still amazing.

Going to Bali after being in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia for over 2 and a half months was very strange. There are western shops and restaurants everywhere. Walking past Jamie’s Italian and Hard Rock Cafe everyday in Kuta left us having to remind ourselves we were actually in Indonesia.

Landing in Bali was stressful, very stressful. You will get stampeded by a herd of taxi drivers asking “where you from?, where you go?”, and don’t dare try and tell them you have organised an Uber. We were literally followed out of the airport by about 10 people and it got a little intimidating. You’re not safe outside of the building either, ooooh no, they are all just sitting around waiting for their prey, lost looking white teenagers with a big ol’ backpack. We met our Uber driver halfway up a multi-storey car pack so the…

New Year, New Blogger?!?!

What's that sorry?You forgot I existed?...well I guess I can't really blame you there

Hey everyone, yes I know it's been a while but what can I say? I am a busy girl BUT this year mama is gonna turn it around! That's right, a post a week people. I love this little blog and I would love to see it grow this year. I've got some big things planned and I can't wait to get started. Before we get into what's to come this year this year though, we've got to take a look back at 2017.

I'm just going to come out and say it, 2017 may be the best year of my life. I had the chance to do so many amazing things and have so many incredible experiences that I may not ever have again and I am so so grateful for them. Not to mention being extremely proud of myself for working hard and allowing a lot of them to happen.

If you've been reading my blog, or follow any of my social media at all, then it's obvious to you that this year I took a gap year and went trav…