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Small Ways to Save the Planet - Animal Consumption

I would like to start this post with a DISCLAIMER because I really don't want people to be put off by this post being written by a preachy vegan, which there is no denying I am but it is not what this is going to be. I ate meat for around 18 years of my life and I loved it, sausages and chicken burgers were my favourite thing in the world and I had meat and/or fish so every meal.

It's been about a year since I started to feel a bit weird about eating meat and since then I have come to learn about how unsustainable a meat dependent diet is for the planet, particularly in the Western world.

This is NOT judging. This is NOT arguing. This is just how it is. With that, I hope you decide to continue with this instalment of Small Ways to Save the Planet...pretty please

The planet is what I am truly passionate about and for just over a year now I have been trying to find new ways to lead a more sustainable life. This is something I believe we all need to do and the good news is, it&#…