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How You Can Save the Planet by Watching TV

Huuh???? I can save the planet by watching TV? Well, there is a little bit more to it than that but essentially, hell yeah! That's how my passionate for sustainability started, I've always loved documentaries, especially ones about the environment and food, and they are the key factor in what drove me to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Everybody should watch more documentaries! They are so fascinating and educational. I try to watch one a month and since having a Netflix subscription that has become far easier. These are my top picks for environmentally educational films and documentaries that you guys should be watching, in no particular order:

1. Cowspiracy

I watched this documentary before I had any desire to change my eating habits but wow, it is something you seriously can't ignore. This environmental documentary delves into the most destructive industry facing our planet today, animal agriculture, and shows us why the biggest environmental organisations aren'…

A Tribute to England

Three lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming

This is one of those random, emotional, thrown together posts but I really need to write it. I am so damn proud of England and how far we've come in this World Cup. Who'd have thought it after all those years of hurt, that we've had so much hope and pride again for our team.
I don't know why it's been looked upon so negatively to be proud of England, to be proud to be English, to wave the St George's flag, but I am. So many people tried to bring us down, the whole world was against us but this team lifted our spirits. Apart from the Royal Wedding (Wills and Kate) and the Olympics, we as a country have never really shown that much national pride for as long as I've known, but this World Cup has made me experience more than I ever have in my life. I think more than a lot of us have in all our lives. 
We may have lost a game tonight, and yeah it was a pretty sh*t …