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Travel Planning: Bangkok

I've been feeling a little unwell and lousy today, luckily I already had the day off work so I decided to just have a me day. A stay in bed, watch Netflix and do pretty much nothing else day. However, after being ridiculously engrossed in 'Jane the Virgin' for about 4 hours, I decided it would probably be beneficial to use this time as planning time.

I'm currently trying to perfect my self titled 'Travel Bible'. A cute notepad I got for Christmas which, I have decided to use for all things trip. Any information we need to remember will be in there. What time is our flight? Refer to Bible. Where are we staying? Check the Bible. What are we doing today? BOOM Bible. Stuff like that, I just like to be prepared. Plus planning is becoming pretty damn fun.

                                                    (double points for travel aesthetic)

Our first destination is Bangkok and we'll be there for a week, we also have to pass through around 3 more times due to t…

Travel Planning: It's Getting Serious

With travelling comes a lot of planning (well duh thanks Captain Obvious). Yes yes, I know that is pretty evident but I'll be honest, I would not have thought of most of this stuff on my own. We now have only 5 weeks before we leave and that is an extremely scary thought for many reasons, the main one being we really just haven't planned very much. In these upcoming months I have spoken to a lot of people who have previously been on this trip or similar, many of whom would say winging it is the way to go. However, I have definitely decided this way is not the one for me. I am not the kind of person to just rock up somewhere and feel comfortable sleeping there for the night, I need to have done my research. Also not too keen about sharing a bathroom with strangers but I'm very aware I might have to deal with that just a few times.

Anyway, planning accommodation counts as a big thing, therefore an obvious thing. This is going to be a list of the little, less obvious things.…

A Reading List

When I was younger I loved to read. I still do love to read, but I find it very difficult to get started. Finding a book that will excite me from start to finish is difficult, mainly because I'm pretty impatient. If a book hasn't grasped me early on in its story, I will without a doubt lose the motivation to carry on. To make matters worse I HATE not finishing a book, especially if I've made it halfway, so then I'm just stuck reading a book I'm not interested in so I can read a book I've got my eye on and not feel guilty about it. Not the best way to go about it really.

When I was a kid, I remember loving Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series. Those books are amazing and I would 100% recommend, especially to pre-teens. I would refuse to put these bad boys down. In fact I vividly remember one car journey reading Battle of the Labyrinth, and just refusing to accept the fact I was feeling rather car sick and just kept powering through the nausea. That right the…

What To Expect...

I'm a lazy, 18 year old girl forced into adulting by her decision to take a gap year. A decision heavily lead by the fact that I am incapable of decision making and I couldn't decide what to study at Uni. (wow that was a lot of decisions) It is also a great excuse to travel, which is exactly what I'm doing. On May 1st, myself and one lucky* travel companion are jetting off on a 3 month SE Asia trip. I thought this could act as one big travel diary for me to look back on and anyone else if it takes interest, but I suppose mostly talking to myself (no change there then). The most likely scenario is future me looks back on this and heavily cringes, as I do with most things past me has done.

* a term used loosely, as they will be dealing with the immense emotional roller coaster that is me everyday. Ha.
Last year I had applied to University with the plan to study Pyschology, however after recieving my A level results, that flame of passion seemed to have fizzled out. I was lef…