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A Cornwall Summer Holiday, Part 1

When I grow up, I want to live in Cornwall. It's true. The only downside of Cornwall is the lack of readily available vegan food but I can just cook all the time, no big deal. I love it there. My boyfriend and I had two summer holidays there this year and it's just so gorgeous you're left wondering "is this actually, ACTUALLY?"

First of all, I really enjoy the long as I'm not the one driving ;) The views are gorgeous, all the fields and so many cows (I love cows) and of course the Stonehenge, which I know a lot of people think is boring but I listened to a very long podcast about all the conspiracies surrounding it and it's anything but boring. Look it up if you don't believe me.

For our first Cornwall holiday, we stayed in a little village called Goldsithney, near Penzance. It was a really cute village with just a couple of pubs and a little shop opposite the house we were staying in. The house belongs to a family friend of…

The Amazing Eden Project

I've now been to the incredible Eden Project twice, and I can't believe I haven't written about it yet! It's probably one of my favourite places in the world and trust me when I say you NEED to go!

The Eden Project started building in 1998 and was opened to the public in 2001 with two biomes, the Core was later opened in 2005. The Tropical biome houses tropical plants such as bananas, coffee, rubber and has the climate of a rainforest. The Mediterranean biome houses arid plants in a warm temperature such as olives, lemons, eggplants, tomatoes, cacti etc. The huge outdoor gardens showcase plants from all different parts of the world, including local UK species. Lastly, the Core has art installations and is an education facility. There are many art sculptures situated both in the biomes and around the gardens also, including a giant bee, all made from recycled material.
The Outdoor Gardens 

The Mediterranean Biome