Travel Planning: Bangkok

I've been feeling a little unwell and lousy today, luckily I already had the day off work so I decided to just have a me day. A stay in bed, watch Netflix and do pretty much nothing else day. However, after being ridiculously engrossed in 'Jane the Virgin' for about 4 hours, I decided it would probably be beneficial to use this time as planning time.

I'm currently trying to perfect my self titled 'Travel Bible'. A cute notepad I got for Christmas which, I have decided to use for all things trip. Any information we need to remember will be in there. What time is our flight? Refer to Bible. Where are we staying? Check the Bible. What are we doing today? BOOM Bible. Stuff like that, I just like to be prepared. Plus planning is becoming pretty damn fun.

                                                    (double points for travel aesthetic)

Our first destination is Bangkok and we'll be there for a week, we also have to pass through around 3 more times due to the travel routes and our flight back home. Therefore, it requires a lot of planning. I have read brochures, books and watched a TON of youtube videos to come with this rough list so far.

  •     A Bicycle Tour                                               
  •     Chatuchak Market
  •     Lumpini Park
  •     Green Lungs
  •     Floating Market
  •     Death Railway
  •     Chinatown
  •     Bangkok Tree House 
  •     Khao San Road
  •     Museum Day
  •     Temples (Wat Pho, Wat Saket, Wat Chakrawat etc.)
  •     Asiatique
  •     Phallus Shrine (lol)
  •     Patpong (double lol)
  •     Flow House (surf bar)
  •     Airplane Graveyard
  •     Chocolate Ville
  •     Hanging Gardens
  •     Maeklong Train Market  
  •     Sky Bar 
There is the list so far, but I know it will develop rapidly both before and once we're out there. All I know right now is planning has helped the excitement kick in, when before I have mostly been nervous about homesickness, so for that I'm grateful and it means I can now have a lot of fun with it

Lon x                            


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